My Projects



StudioBrick is a creative boutique I co-founded in 2013 with Sofia Crescioli. Based in Florence, our studio specializes in a range of services, including branding/rebranding, naming, brandbook creation, strategic communication analysis and brand positioning, logo and corporate identity development, and web design. Among our clients we have worked for: Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, Consorzio Zenit, Fondazione Ricerca e Innovazione dell’Universit√† di Firenze and others.



SpazioBrick is a small co-working space in Firenze designed with a dual purpose. On one hand, it offers to the clients of the co-workers the opportunity to access an integrated communication service that includes copywriting, art direction, graphic and web design, photography, and video production. On the other hand, SpazioBrick provides specific and professional training within its co-working premises, catering both to businesses and to students and young professionals.


Cyrkle Aps

The Cyrkle Aps and No-Profit association is an affiliate of ARCI and is based at SpazioBrick. Its main purpose is to foster culture and events. This means, on one hand, generating connections and thereby contributing to social capital within the local community. On the other hand, the concrete activities of the association, in addition to organizing training courses held at SpazioBrick, include arranging exhibitions, concerts, book presentations, and events that engage and enliven the surrounding community.


Iulsarak Srl

IulSarak Srl is an innovative startup specialized in coat production. Founded in 2021, it aspires to revolutionize the production chain by manufacturing each garment only upon receiving an order, while simultaneously offering customers a high degree of product customization. It combines craftsmanship, as the garments are tailored and specially crafted for each individual customer, with innovation. Through laser engraving and the exploration of innovative materials, customers have the opportunity to write or draw what they desire on certain garment details, such as pockets and labels.


Creative Writing & Screenplays

Concerning publishing, I have only one rule: I don’t pay to publish, which means I don’t purchase copies of my own book. There is an exception, a small volume titled Dovere d’Allegria (Gazebo, 2003), but I was 20 years old and I’ve learned from that experience. Apart from that, I have produced a couple of other texts: Si stava meglio quando si stava meglio (Polistampa, 2011), which was based on a personal blog I maintained during a period of illness. In 2019, I wrote the screenplay for Leonardo Da Vinci. Un genio tra le guerre, illustrated by Edoardo Natalini, published by Kleiner Flug and distributed in newsstands by Cosmo Editore.

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